Safety first with remote data backup

Safety first with remote data backup

A guest blog post by IT specialist Matthew Feeny on the importance of backing up your data

At PCM, we’ve noticed more and more people are moving towards a ‘paperless office.’ Without the need for print-outs and hardcopies, people are becoming increasingly dependent on the idea of a digital version of their work which exists solely in the ether of cyberspace. It’s eco-friendly, efficient, and flexible. Now, thanks to our partnership with Axisweb, PCM are hoping to raise awareness of how to keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Safe & Sound

The driving force behind remote data backup is the assurance that your files are safe and sound. While keeping a local copy of your emails, pictures, spreadsheets and other documents is helpful, a remote backup adds an extra layer of security. At PCM, our solutions protect against everything from floods to unexpected power cuts. Even when your office, computer or laptop is affected, you know we have created a backup copy on your behalf. As soon as you save your work or receive an important email, an extra copy is created on our servers. Should anything go wrong, you can simply download it again from wherever you are.

That’s where remote data backup is so useful. You might even already be using it. Services such as DropBox, iCloud, and Google Drive have all brought versions of a remote data backup to the general public. Sometimes, without even realising it, your phone could be backing up your photos just in case the worst should happen. This is great as a quick and easy method of saving holiday snaps, but when thinking about your work, you need a more robust and reliable method.

A boutique back-up option

We find that - for many artists - the sheer size of the files involved in the creative process can make buying storage an expensive process and prevents the mass market, one-size-fits-all kind of solutions from being truly viable. An on-site hard drive with none of the protection can set you back hundreds of pounds, while taking a similarly sized solution from one of the big tech companies can cost even more. When you value your work and your peace of mind, being able to trust in your off-site, affordable storage is a big advantage.

With the right help, you can back up everything from emails to CAD files, digital sketches to client invoices. If it’s digital, you can store it in your own off-site safe house.

A key advantage of our service is the support provided as part of the package. We will discuss your requirements with you, advise which data should be backed up, login remotely to your computer and then install the software. Each time the backup runs, you will receive a confirmation email. On a daily basis, our team monitors your backup and will be in touch if problems are identified. Should the worst happen, we’re on hand to help restore your files back to your computer.

The benefits of remote data backup have led to a new joint venture between Axisweb and PCM Ltd. For Axisweb members, this means a discounted rate on the best kind of data backup. For those who put tremendous value on the ease of use and the reliability of their digital office, being able to depend on a properly equipped, automated backup system is often invaluable. For more information regarding the partnership, getting a quote, or discovering how the service could suit you, get in touch with the friendly PCM team today.

Matthew Feeny, Director PCM Ltd
Published May, 2015

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