Axis Winter Cabaret

We are delighted to invite you to a unique showcase evening of fun, performance and entertainment by Axis members. Emceed by the fabulous Quilla Constance, the Winter Cabaret will showcase performances, films and more from Axis members including Maryam Hashemi, Nigel Goldsmith, gobscure, Rhiannon Lowe, Sarah Riseborough and Tracy Satchwill.

The event will take place online via Zoom on Wednesday 15th December from 7pm.

FREE tickets are exclusively available for Axis Members (£5 for non-Axis members). Space is limited so we encourage you to book your place quickly.

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Free Online Public Screening - Thursday 16th December 7pm

Axis is extremely excited to announce a special one off public screening of The Mechanics of Love by Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth, followed by a talk with Rachel Warriner.

This screening marks the end of the artists’ Digital Residency with Axis and will be accompanied by a commissioned text, collaboratively written by Philomena Epps and Octavia Bright.

This public screening will take place online within our new Axis Viewing Room and is free to attend. More details and a link to the event will be provided in the coming days, so please watch this space!

DIGITAL MYSTICISM (DM) is the culmination of Niloo Sharifi's micro-commission with Axis.

A free SMS bot, text it anything and receive a mystical aphorism/line of poetry generated by a GPT-2 trained with mystical texts, lyrics and poetry from all over the world.

Axisweb (Axis) has partnered Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) School of Art in conjunction with Social Art Network (SAN) on an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) fellowship titled SAFEDI (Social Art for Equality Diversity and Inclusion). We will be working with six social artists, community participants, arts organisations and policy makers to understand what kind of barriers underrepresented people face around access culture and creativity.

You can catch up with all the SAFEDI projects that have happened so far from enSHRINE, JarSquad and The Women's Art Activation System by going to this page.

Inspired by Niloo Sharifi’s Micro-Commission project ‘Digital Mysticism (DM)’, Five2Watch this week is all about mysticism. Featuring work by Robert Foster, Chantal Powell, Martyn Cross, Stella Baraklianou and Dean Melbourne.

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Sue Williams, Liz West, Eliana Sanchez-Aldana and Wayne Attwood.



Winter Cabaret

A seasonal showcase by Axis members, emceed by Quilla Constance. Book your tickets now!



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Catch up on the SAFEDI projects that have happened so far.


Five2Watch: Mysticism

Inspired by Niloo Sharifi’s Micro-Commission project ‘Digital Mysticism (DM)’.


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