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Digital Residencies / Micro Commissions update

Moa Johansson and an*dre neely share with echoes the first installment of their micro-commission project. 

"In their residency with AXIS, Moa and an*dre reimagine ways of finding togetherness in the digital through resisting big-tech corporations and exploring the creative possibilities/restrictions of decentralized, open-source platforms."

Continuing our Digital Residency theme of collaboration, we are excited to announce a new commissioned piece of collaborative writing between Axis member melissandre varin and Eole, the two year old child that they co-parent. This work is entitled An Other A,B,C and you can read more about it here.

Following a mammoth response to our call out for contributions to Social Works? Open here are the thirteen writers selected for our next edition of the journal, scheduled for launch in May 2021. It will feature contributions from Anneka French, Hannah Gaunt / The Turnpike, Anahi Saravia Herrera, Sophie Huckfield, Sarah Jury, Lucy Lound, Dana Olarescu, Gavin Rogers, Alix Rothnie, Melody Sproates, Kenn Taylor, Madinah Thompson and Georgina Tyson.

Social Works? Open is a Social Art Library project for Axis. Visit www.socialartlibrary.org for more information!

This week in Social Art Library

‘Right to Record’ by sound artist Hannah Kemp-Welch is a fabulous example of how social practice art can effect real and positive change in communities.

The project began when Hannah realised that people with disabilities were required to apply for Personal Independence benefits using expensive recording technologies that they were expected to pay for themselves. 

With support from Studio 3 Arts, Hannah formed an action group with Barking and Dagenham residents with experience applying for PIP, co-producing a creative response. As a result of the project, the government has agreed that audio recording equipment must be available on site at every PIP assessment centre in 2021. You can read more and listen to a trailer for ‘Right to Record’ here.

If you’re feeling inspired and have your own social practice story to share, we're still on the lookout for new submissions to the Library. If you are an artist who works with people - or you work with artists who do - please do join us by sharing your own projects via the Social Art Library submission portal. We’re well on the way to creating a really comprehensive archive of documentation and stories from and about social projects. To find out more, check out our FAQs or get in touch if you have any questions: [email protected]

Do you need someone to talk to about an issue affecting you or your practice? Do you just need someone to listen? Why not send an email to Amelia. Over the coming weeks Amelia will be reading and responding to your emails. All thoughts, feelings and needs are welcome, it is a safe space to write and be heard.

The connected email address is [email protected] 

We are delighted to have finished our first year of PRAXIS with graduates from AUB. Over  13 weeks, we programmed activities and talks to support recent graduates giving them the time and resources to develop their practice. We would also like to thank our guest mentors for joining us: Amahra Spence, Abbie Canning, Saelia Aparicio, Shy Bairns and Charmian Griffin.

We also awarded two micro commissions to Kinnari Saraiya and Katie Urwin, and two workshop comissons to Louise Hall and Anya Williamson, who took part in the first cohort of PRAXIS. 

If you work for a university and would like to know more about what we can offer for third years and graduates please contact [email protected].



Moa Johansson and an*dre neely update

Moa Johansson and an*dre neely share with echoes the first installment of their micro-commission project.


An Other A,B,C

A piece of collaborative writing by melissandre varin and Eole


Social Works? Open Writers Announced

Find out more about the artists we've commissioned for the next Social Works? Open publication


Latest from the Social Art Library

'Right to Record' by Hannah Kemp-Welch



New Art Highlights of the week includes: Theo Wright, John Vincent, James Lumsden and Jeremy Webb.


Live Out Loud - Conversations with Artists

A collection of conversations with artists and creative practioners about specific topics. Published every week on our website, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher. 


Help and Advice

We've created a list of links to resources and advice for artists and freelancers during the coronavirus pandemic.