September’s artist of the month and one of our 48 Hour Micro Residency winners is K.P. Culver. We catch up with her at artist-led project space and studios Serf in Leeds to ask her a few questions about her practice and how Axisweb membership has benefitted her.

Pressing issues of gender and representation permeate Culver’s practice. By focussing on representations of the body in acts of leisure and domestic space Culver explores performative acts constitutive of gender and their relation to unsettling images of perfection. To further explore these themes we have turned to our members directory and selected video works which also consider Bodies and Gender Representation for two playlist features.

In this months Five2Watch K.P. Culver considers Female Characters as presented by our members. Female characters are often used within Culver’s own practice as devices to examine her own position within the objects of her artistic exploration and critique.

In parallel to some of these concerns we also take a look back into our archives at Rant 11 - Beeeaaauuuttttty which considers whether beauty is still important in today’s society and to what extent it may guide our contemporary art viewing habits.

LA based artist Mitra Saboury has also explored bodies through performance and video during her recent residency at The Art House in Wakefield. We take a look at some of these processes as Mitra reflects in our Artist in Residency Film.

Following on from last months themes of consumption and ecology we are also pleased to announce the other winners of our 48 Hour Micro Residency - Jamie Hudson and Sean Roy Parker. As part of the Micro Residency they will take to the streets of Newark collecting and exploring discarded materials, while considering the paradoxes of using visual communication as a method to express our increasingly wasteful, resourceless world. We catch up with the duo as they reflect on the Micro Residency and their processes.



Artist of the Month - K.P. Culver

Our Artist of the Month for September 2018 is K.P. Culver. We recently filmed an interview with Culver at serf studios in Leeds. We hear about her practice which explores gender and representations of the body in acts of leisure and domestic spaces.


Social Works? Programme Announcement

The Social Works? Programme was designed as a response to research findings from the ongoing knowledge transfer project - Models of Validation. This 2-year partnership between Axisweb and Manchester Metropolitan University was conceived to propose and support new ways in which artists who have a socially engaged practice could find validation in their field, much of which differs from traditional gallery/institutional models. Social Works? was borne out of a desire to address these issues directly, and create opportunities that fill some of the gaps in the field. As our award recipients begin to organise their events, we have put together a preliminary timetable to keep everyone updated with their progress. If you have any questions about any of the events please email [email protected]. We will be updating the programme as events are finalised - so keep your 👀 peeled for details!

Supported by Axisweb, Arts Council England, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Art House Wakefield, Peckham platform and Heart of Glass.


Mitra Saboury - The Art House Artist in Residence

Mitra Saboury was selected for the Artist in Residence programme at The Art House in summer 2018. Mitra worked closely with The Art House staff to explore working relationships and produced a series of video works whilst there. The resulting exhibition 'Growth Spurt' continues until 14 September 2018.

We were commissioned by The Art House to make a film about Mitra's residency.


Playlist: Bodies

In this month's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our members that have a theme of 'Bodies'. 


Playlist: Gender Representation

In our second Playlist selection we present a videos by our members that consider 'Gender Representation'. 


Five2Watch: Female Characters

For #Five2Watch K.P. Culver selects five artists who have explored the concept of the Anthropocene within their work: Victoria Rance, Holly Slingsby, Victoria Lucas, Linda Persson and Romily Alice.


Plymouth Art Weekender

An interview with Cat Bagg from Field Notes who are coordinating this year's Plymouth Art Weekender taking place 28 - 30 September 2018


What’s On: September 2018

We highlight some of our favourite events happening in September 2018 by Axisweb Members.


Rant 11 - Beeeaaauuuttttty

If beauty is still an important factor in today's society does that mean we only like looking at landscape paintings? This week we look into the aesthetics of contemporary art.

Coming soon


#Article: Q&A with Jamie Hudson and Sean Roy Parker

Watch this space. We catch up with the duo as they reflect on their time on the 48 Hour Micro-Residency.


48 Hour Micro-Residency - K.P. Culver

We catch up with K.P. Culver in Chester-Le-Street as she reflects on the Micro-Residency and shows us some of her work made during her time in the space.


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