Five2Watch: Architecture

Axisweb has selected five artworks which consider architectural forms featuring contemporary artists Brook and Black, Lesley Farrell, Jim Brown, Gill Forsbrook and Vasilis Avramadis:

Brook and Black

Composing Space

An exhibition for the Gjethuset gallery, Denmark - May 2015.
This exhibition is devised in collaboration with artists Christina Deuland and Natasha Rydvald.

Brook And Black And Lenora

Composing Space, 2015

Lesley Farrell

Allotment Architecture

A project documenting manmade structures and makeshift tools found on and around my allotment. Through the photographs I want to capture a sense of place, which to me has little to do with the actual produce grown there. It is the buildings, the tools, the carpet remnants, the plastic, the materials and structures that give a greater sense of the activity and nature of these, still largely male occupied, spaces and the people that use them.

Lesley Farrell

Allotment Architecture, 2017

Jim Brown

Four Piece Composition

Cast and carved concrete forms based on Harlow's urban environment.

Jim Brown

Four Piece Composition, 2015

Gill Forsbrook

Blue Icon

This pendant is one of a series which use Playplax squares as the main component.

Playplax , a construction toy designed by Patrick Rylands in 1966, consists of transparent coloured squares of polystyrene which interlock.

Gill Forsbrook

Blue Icon, 2014

Vasilis Avramidis

Summer Estate

Oil on canvas

VasillisSummer Estate, 2014

Published 10 February 2017

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