Five2Watch: Painting III

Axisweb has selected five contemporary painters and some of their recent work: Scott McCraken, Karolina Ptaszkowska, Carolyn Curtis Magri, Russell Gilder and Helen Stokes

Matchmaker, 2017

Scott McCraken

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Scott Mccraken

Mirror Stage, 2017

Karolina Ptaszkowska

2017; gesso, marble dust, vinyl and crayons on canvas; 100x80 cm

Karolina Ptaskowska

Pigcell, 2017

Carolyn Curtis Magri

Felt Tip on Embossed Watercolour Paper

Carolyn Curtis

Mortimer Lake, 2017

Russell Gilder

Landscape painting based on a memory of place

Russel Gilder

Latex Allergy, 2015

Helen Stokes

A series of still-life work in various media, contrasting the forms and colours of everyday household objects with constructed or unfamiliar material.Helen Stokes

Published 17 November 2017