Five2Watch: Urban Space

Axisweb has selected five artworks featuring contemporary artists interpreting, investigating and contributing to the urban environment: Colin Higginson & Marcus Jeffries, Tod Hanson, JMC Anderson, Joella Wheatley and Charlie Warde

Phase 3, 2016

Colin Higginson & Marcus Jeffries

A multi media installation exploring the rapid development of urban space in the city, the visual language of gentrification, and the selling of luxury lifestyles.

Through constructing and photographing a model, based on a generic modern apartment, we have created an artificial environment. Specially designed objects and artworks inhabit the fictitious room while their life size facsimiles occupy the exhibition. These sculptures test the boundaries between what defines a contemporary sculpture and a desirable consumer object.

Colin Higginson

Balham, 2017

Tod Hanson

Faience ceramic public art and digital mural. Balham High street, London.
Working with architects Metropolitan Workshop.

Commissioned by Wandsworth Council and Balham Partnership.
Through Modus Operandi.

Tod Hanson

If I Had A House, 2016

JMC Anderson

Digital illustration on Aluminium Diabond

Jmc Anderson

Absence, 2017

Joella Wheatley

Oil & woodcut on panel.

Joella Wheatley

Deposition (Robin Hood Gardens), 2016-2017

Charlie Warde

3D “Plastic Painting” of parts of the East Block of Robin Hood Gardens arranged onto 3 panels of solid landscape colours.
Each component of the building is recreated to scale using only artist pigments and acrylic mediums.

The composition is based on Ruben’s Decent From the Cross (Hermitage Museum); the scale conforms to Modernism’s preoccupation with the human scale - each panel measuring 2 foot 9 inches square, the distance between elbows of Vitruvian Man standing with his hands on his hips.

Robin Hood Gardens, designed by Peter and Alison Smithson, is controversially scheduled for demolition. This painting is one of a series documenting Brutalism’s condemned heritage.

Charlie Warde

Published 28 April 2017