solo exhibition at Alma Zevi Venice. as well as nutcases, sound-art commission, performance, and visual poetry on glass he main body of work is the radical photographic self-portraiture series ...ov glass & were aching to... (2018).

'gobscure challenges the idea of an inner and outer self, presenting a mannequin that seems more real and solid than the fleeting and weightless manifestation of the artist. The images are truly strange and transient things, evoking a myriad of immediate reactions: kitsch, sad, hopeful. There is also an air of theatre as the glass seems to act as a stage on which people going about their daily errands are faithfully reflected.' alma zevi

  • Dimensions: 30cm squared
  • Contexts: Exhibition
  • Artforms: Photography
  • Tags: alma zevi gallery venice, northumberland street newcastle