*Conclusion: Love fills space.*

Love: Unitive energy.
Identification with a flow of unitive energy we call "love". Unidentified - not attributing body identity - ego - as causal in outflow and inflow of the energy, the energy will flow and expand unimpeded and be unidentifiable as distinct or contained or directed in any way. The body identity will experience - think and feel - this energy as "love", and continue as designed with regard to the impeded flux and flow of this otherwise unimpeded force.

*model: a system of postulates, data, and inferences presented as a [---] description of an entity or state of affairs*

I have been modeling "love". This is how my reflection proceeds: not by thinking, but by observing. Witnessing, watching. I will take a proposition, an idea, or a concept, such as "love" and "model" it, and experiment with it using active disengagement. I will wait for it to show and tell me what it knows. This comes with a flash of insight, usually visually and then, after quick processing, verbally. Image followed by words. A signal from deep inner space. If the modeling has been effective, there is a sense of closure, and a way is automatically cleared for a new process to begin. For example, Love fills all space... in the bloodstream, in the sky. Between stars, and within them. In and between atoms, taus, and quarks also. Once I saw that it doesn't matter whether or not I or someone else says, thinks, believes, feels, imagines, or otherwise expresses love, in the sense for example that I love or am in love with, and vice versa, there is freedom. Love fills space, love frees space, space fills love, space frees love. "I am" not responsible for love; for my love. I am prior to love, and that prior space love fills, time is created, all manner of phenomena arise and there is the life that must be enabled to see, there is light. All this happens. Love fills space, is dark matter, is Light. Life.