Location: Penpynfarch rural studio, Llandysul, SA44 4RU.


In this workshop I would like to utilise the specific opportunity the Penpynfarch offers. That is to engage with a large terrain of natural woodland and lake completely exclusively to our group. A soft and sheltered landscape being in a valley compared to the vast open and often harsh mountain landscape which i have made work in and live near. Using the terrain as a creator of natural choreography.

We will start in the warm studio with some movement improvisation techniques towards connecting with the body movement breath in our own time and space. Then I will introduce some ways in to experience others movement and presence. Gradually widening our field into the landscape of the group as we step outside into the vegetation and wildlife and watery environment.
My interest and enquiry in this workshop is to dance across distance, where levels of visibility and relationship are explored and dancing takes on a wider variety of meanings including natural choreography, forming ourselves to hold or witness the movement of life in this particular landscape.