Approved: 23.09.2016

Marilyn Kyle

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 23.09.2016



    Artist Statement

    The reality of domestic life, both of family and objects, is central to Marilyn’s work. It is the antithesis of the idealised. Domestic objects which evidence their history through marks and wear: domestic objects whose basic materials have remained more or less as in their earliest manifestation (as seen in ‘Homemaker’ and in her work based on the ‘family’ bread board). Marilyn’s work also considers family relationships, and has looked obliquely at mental health issues as well as memory (‘Absence’; ‘Anniversary’; ‘The Mending’).

    The well-spring of a piece of work is often a found object or a series of objects, so, visiting different places to look, research, photograph and draw is essential. Something will intrigue Marilyn and then she begins to delve further – into its history, its construction, its function, its aesthetic.

    As a fine artist, rooted in printmaking, Marilyn works with a variety of media and processes which are appropriate to the work in hand. She makes objects (using porcelain, wax, textiles, found objects and other media) as well as installation pieces. The objects are often visually enticing but, on closer inspection, contradictions emerge: a child’s delicate dress is torn, or a baby doll is incomplete or damaged. Print, in its broadest forms, offers processes through which she can think about and develop ideas. Other, traditional processes (e.g. cast porcelain) together with newer technologies such as laser and hard surface printing, combine to stretch possibilities and to articulate new ideas and work.

    CV & Education

    M.A. Wimbledon, UAL (Fine Art)                                          M.Ed. Exeter (Art in Education)

    Paper Trail - Maidstone Museum (August 2020 - February 2021)

    Valley of Vision, Shoreham Sculpture Trail (The London Group) - site responsive (June 2020) Cancelled

    A Museum for Ennigaldi, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks - 2 Person Show (10th - 20th July 2019)

    The Cello Factory, Waterloo. Group Show (6th - 12th February 2019)

    Artcoop, Reigate, Surrey. Group Show (29.11.18 - 28.01.19)

    Paper Trail, Participant in Appletye's project (from August 2018)

    Nothing Endures but Change, (The London Group) Waterloo Festival  (June 2018)

    PrintFest, (Festival of printmaking) Sevenoaks, Kaleidoscope Gallery (May/June 2018)

    Artcoop 3, Reigate School of Art, East Surrey College (Mar/Apr 2018)

    SVAF Open '18, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks (Feb/Mar 2018)

    Shoreham Sculpture Trail (The London Group) - site responsive (June 2017)

    Wakefield Cathedral solo installation (October 2016)

    Nave Gallery, Caterham installation (June 2016)

    ESCollective, New Ashgate Gallery (Jan/Feb 2016)

    Procreate Project, Touring: UK & US (2015/16)

    SVAF, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks (2015)

    Project AfterBirth, White Moose Gallery, Devon (2015)

    20/20 Print (2015)


    Selected Earlier Exhibitions:

    Apocolypse Glam, South Hill Park, Bracknell

    Reigate Gallery, Reigate (solo)

    Pallant House, Chichester (juried)

    The Lightbox, Woking (juried)

    Key Arts, Ipswich (solo)

    Christine Walker Gallery, Caterham (group)

    Belfast Print Workshop Gallery (group)

    Artlink, Hull (juried)

    Engramme, Quebec, Canada (juried)    



    London Print Studio - most promising emerging Artist-printmaker, June 2018


    Art Residencies:

    Stiwdio Mealor, N.Wales (2015)

    The Art House, Wakefield, South Yorkshire (2010 & 2011)

    Tyrone Guthrie Centre,  Annaghmakerrig, Co Monaghan, Ireland (2008 & 2009)

    Projects carried out at Interface, University of Ulster, Belfast  (2008 & 2009)



    Head of Art & Design Faculty, Caterham (1994-2014)

    Workshops (2014-2016)


    Membership of Groups & Associations:

    DIEP (Digital Institute for Early Parenthood)

    British Women Artists

    SVAF (Sevenoaks Visual Artists Forum)

    ESCollective (East Surrey Collective)

    NSEAD (National Society of Education in Art & Design)

    AIR (Artists' Interaction & Representation) UK