The Cracks, some of the recent work produced in 2022 drawing inspiration from the many artists that have given Paul joy and incite the passion and excitement in his creative process. These new pieces are made using a range of hard woods that are joined together and then cut into new pieces that are then joined and recut to create the final pieces you see; a long process but with very satisfying outcomes. The shapes are created from the images found in the paintings and sculptures of the artists that have informed Paul’s artistic career. He applies paint in shapes and colours he finds in their work, and turns each piece into a three-dimensional harmonious confection, delightful to look at and to touch. The list of artists who have inspired these works is too long to add here but some of them can be found in the titles of these new, playful pieces. More artist inspired work can be found in much of Paul's earlier work including Organic Graffiti and Punctuation.