Back in the City is Sarah Kudirka's first large painting on canvas in many years. It recalls the bold semi-figurative early works for which she won a number of awards (under the name Davenport). The artist focuses on the shapes and edges of stuff; including buildings, objects and furniture. Chairs have been a recurring motif in Sarah's paintings since her first solo show on graduating in the '90s.

This painting was started (and based on sketches made) while Sarah was research artist in residence in the studios of ProjectAbility in Glasgow during the month of February 2018. The residency was a highly-productive period in which she also completed 100 painted/drawn city images on Polaroids.

This an oil painting with drawn ink lines, on canvas stretched over board. Its dimensions (79 x 76cm) intentionally refer to those of the Polaroid images (79 x 76mm) for which the artist is best known.