Location: The Art House, University of Worcester, Castle Street, Worcester WR1 3ZQ

Opening event :Thursday 12th January 2023 / 5 - 7pm
Exhibition dates : 12th January until 17th February 2023
Opening times : Wednesday - Friday 12.30 - 5pm (please ring the bell)

THE ART HOUSE, Castle Street, Worcester WR1 3HN

Exhibiting artists include: Helen Cass, Joe Black Ardy, Isabella Draper, Jamie Banks, Rebecca George, Maria Cristina Gardiner, Dan Holden, Vicky Harvey, Paul Powis, Sara Hayward, Paul Newman, Jain McKay, Lewis Graham, Sarah Jones, Melanie Woodhead, Maureen Heaney-Sykes, Frans Wesselman, Lois Karen Meiklejohn, Andrew Woodhead, Joanne Henderson, Issie Martin, Kurt Hickson, Ella Buchanan, Chris M. Allton, Marta Pedzik, Conrad Judge, Caitlin Carpenter, Tegen Kimbley, Richard Nicholls, Ian Pennell, Jim O'Raw, Jonathan Oakes, Matt Greenhill, Sylvia Wadsley, Shaun Morris, Shona Davies & David Monaghan & Jon Klein, Andrew Howe, Monica Perez Vega, Jeff Orgee, Cameron Scott, Sophy King, Jane Walker, Sharon Baker, Alice Watkins, Lorsen Camps, Jenny Pope, Nick St George, Elaina Arkeooll, Clare Wratten.

This year we are working with Meadow Arts who have sponsored the open with three commission awards, in celebration of Watermark, their forthcoming multi-venue partnership-based project on water and flooding as environmental markers of climate change, which will officially open on the 28th January 2023.