. I have developed a small series of graphite rubbing composites from the textures of history from surfaces of The Manchester Central building and interior spaces. This drawing process engages with the spaces and surfaces and the amassed rubbings are interpreted in a number of ways in relation to what the rubbings suggested in relation to the experienced topography and the experience of taking the rubbings and getting close to the textures. I see the process as a kind of cubist one, a multifaceted exploration of space and history, looking up, looking down, across and behind, in and out. The process of building the composite drawings is often instinctive and organic, an evolution, interpreting the past, present and future visions of a site and its interpretation. The drawing process produces vistas of history, a theatre for defining space which connects a past through to the present, how history and space is not a fixed quantity but is rather mediated through experiences with it.