Pearman’s work Investigates domestic, commercial and industrial switches of the Mill Road Depot area and beyond from steam levers to electrical engineering to the switch that turns on our kettles. Employing a graphic style found with the shape and form of switches and their associated labelling.
STEAM POWER - In the 1850’s under the partnership of Headly & Manning, The Eagle Foundry manufactured a wide variety of steam powered machinery and engines including engine boilers, gasometers and pumps for use on the land or for drainage.

As part of the on-going Mill Road Cambridge project Tom held an event at the Cambridge Museum of Technology event in November 2019. Exploring type and font in the print workshop and printing onto origami switches was a great way to showcase the current concept for the public art project. There have been other events for the collaborative out-reach strategy for the project including interactive drop in community events.

The project is being commissioned to enrich the new development and enhance the public space provided through the scheme. The focus for the artwork is to be the shared communal spaces and clear legible routes through the development.
As the appointed artist I will be required to develop an artwork
or series of artworks which enhances the setting for the new residential development on the former depot site.