Come along to view paintings, prints, reproductions and a few of my Daily Drawings sketchbooks!

Little Nomad Gallery, Keighley Arts Hub

5 November - 10 December 2022

"Vivid, gestural oil paintings display a fascination with facial expressions. Viv has the help of unwitting accomplices she ‘captures’ from feature films and TV to see these fleeting expressions. Viv chooses her subjects from familiar dramas, aiming to portray a key moment of anticipation or reaction, that viewers will find puzzling and relatable
Viv comments in her work on getting emotionally entangled with artificial dramas. Painting becomes a useful way of reusing the headspace that these fictional people take up
Viv often arranges many paintings as an immersive wall of images, or in small groups as intimate as family snapshots on a mantelpiece. She has displayed in old industrial mills, reclaimed empty shops, museum spaces and galleries further afield in Sheffield and London"